CV Bali Access Car Rental

History of the Establishment of CV Bali Access Car Rental &

The car rental company CV Bali Access Car Rental has been operating online in Bali since 2006 through its official website Our rental car company was initially built online because of the difficulty of obtaining access to information from the car hire service providers and still poor standard of car hire services in Bali. Our company experienced rapid growth in the first few years and managed to build a good reputation among its customers. CV Bali Access Car Rental was officially launched in 2011 under license No. PEM-0000817ER/WPJ.17/KP.0603/2011. Since its establishment, our company has become one of the leading car rental companies in Bali with high quality services for domestic tourists, foreigners, and Bali locals.

CV Bali Access Car Rental offers a wide range of car types to suit customer needs and preferences, ranging from city cars rental, family cars Rental, minibuses Charter, buses Charter, to luxury cars Rental. Our company also offers a range of flexible rental packages, including daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. Our car fleet is always wellined and equipped with adequate safety features ensuring customers feel safe and comfortable during their trip in Bali. In addition, our company provides a free pick-up service at Ngurah Rai Airport or at the Hotel to make easier access to every car booked by our customers.

Our company, CV Bali Access Car Rental continues to grow and to become one of the leading players in the Bali car rental industry to this day. Our company has built a loyal customer base and is continuously innovating to meet the increasingly diverse needs of their customers.

Why Use Our Car Rental Services?

12 Top Reasons and Guarantees to Choose and Use Our Car Rental Service in Bali


"More Than 17 Years Serving Car Rental In Bali"

Esthabelished Since 2007


"Only Renting Out Self Managed Car Fleets"

Official Workshop Maintained


"Various cars according to budget and needs"

Available Selfdrive / With Driver


"5☆ quality cars with cheap street prices"

Starting price: US$ 19


"Receive a car at the airport or hotels in Bali - FREE"


"Receive the order car according to the order time"

commitment: On-Time


"Minimal Risk of Excessive Expenditure"


"A Clean And Fragrant Rental Car Fleet"

Clean Guaranted: ☆☆☆☆☆


"Car Cabin Sterile Before Handing Over To Customer"


"Friendly, Polite Driver, Min 3 Years Experience"

Rate Supir: ☆☆☆☆☆


NO. PEM-0000817ER /WPJ.17/KP.0603/2011



"We are always ready to help you all day long"

Our Team Work

Bali Tourism professionals joined the business board of CV Bali Access Car Rental

Our company, CV Bali Access Car Rental is known for its experienced and professional team. The company has well-trained staff who are ready to help and provide information to customers, both in terms of choosing the right car and recommendations about tourist attractions in Bali. Friendly and responsive customer service is an important part of the company's success.


chairman sewa mobil murah di bali mobil

"Providing only the best car rental service in Bali, is always be our top priority"

Proudly Quoted: Ms. Ayu


chairman sewa mobil murah di bali mobil

"Always being honest in business is the key to the success of our rental service"

Proudly Quoted: Mr. Surya


Overseas Representative sewa mobil murah di bali mobil

"Meeting clients from different countries, and making them all like brothers"

Proudly Quoted: Mr. Rangdu


Domestik Representative sewa mobil murah di bali mobil

"Serving our clients with all our heart and maximum is an honor to ourselves"

Proudly Quoted: Mr. Limu